The Internet of Things is transforming the business landscape; data is being collected from a wide variety of devices and locations to enable business to get a competitive edge from new and improved services.

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JavaCard Technology

Java Virtual Machine technology for resource constrained devices like smartcards and IoT nodes is the core business of jNet ThingX.  We're on a mission to adopt JavaCard to IoT segment by integrating multiple I/O protocols along with sensing and actuating capabilities accessible by JavaCard applets.

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JavaCard Applets

Executable content for IoT and smartcards is the business logic developed and packaged as Java applets.  jNet licenses its applets for various business segments, i.e. EMV payment applets like Visa VSDC, Mastercard MChip, or Government ID applets like ICAO ePassport or PIV.  The IoT applets are in development now and will be announced by July 2017.

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Latest News

Partnership with Synopsys May 2, 2017

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS) and jNet ThingX today announced that jNet-ThingX’s JavaCard/GlobalPlatform OS  has been ported and optimized for Synopsys’ DesignWare® ARC® SEM security processors, creating a highly secure software-hardware platform for embedded applications. The implementation of JavaCard v3.0.4 and GlobalPlatform v2.2.1

With the requirements for secure chips expanding beyond traditional smartcards and into a wide range of connected devices, the combination of the ARC SEM security processor with our JavaCard technology creates a compelling platform for security-critical applications,” said Mikhail Friedland, CEO at jNet ThingX Corporation.  “Synopsys’ ARC SEM cores enable development of a secure, low-power and cost-effective processor-based solution, which is necessary for deploying resource-constrained chips that meet Common Criteria certification standards. 

Link to Synopsys official news:

Synopsys and jNet ThingX Optimize JavaCard OS for Synopsys’ ARC SEM Security Processors

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