USA Office - Headquarters

4010 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95117 USA
Tel: +1 408 475 8030

French Office - European branch

jNet-ThingX (Mama Works)
92 cours Lafayette
CS 53515
69489 Lyon Cedex 03

We can focus on R&D and provide customer support from both locations to our partners in Western Hemisphere as well as Europe/Mideast.

Our Approach

jNet ThingX designs JavaCard/GlobalPlatform OS solutions for EMV payment cards, Government ID and eUICC/eSIM.  We then license this IP to silicon makers and card integrators, do the requested customizations and provide needed support through the certification cycle, i.e. EMV, Common Criteria or FIPS.  If the licensee already has or wishes to setup Java OS team, we train them and hand over the project with some follow-on support.  Alternatively, we can handle the code support and provide the certified custom binaries for specific JavaCard/GlobalPlatform configuration.

About the Team

jNet is a young dynamic company with highly skilled R&D team.  We have extensive expertise in embedded security, Java Virtual Machine and GlobalPlatform technology, I/O protocols, cryptography and countermeasures.  Mastering these require creative individuals with great desire to learn and improve.  We're constantly searching for multi-disciplined engineering talent both in USA and abroad.  Every contract is a new challenge, focused on security, reliability and performance.