For customers seeking complete solutions for their smart cards, jNet offers a license to all the necessary O/S technology components. Our product offering includes hardware abstraction layer for a chosen platform, kernel with contact and contactless I/O library, JavaCard v3.0.4 Classic with Global Platform v.2.2 supporting many advanced features shown on the diagram below.


Whether our customers are:

  • Silicon manufacturers
  • Card manufacturer
  • Or system integrators

jNet would deliver a complete package with binary mask and all required tools to create a fully compliant Global Platform product.


A typical jNet’s JavaCard / Global Platform mask includes

  • Java Card Virtual Machine (JCVM)
  • Java Card Runtime Environment (JCRE)
  • Java Card API class libraries (JCAPI)
  • Crypto library
  • Global Platform implementation
  • and any optional applets integrated in ROM.


The advanced cryptographic and vertical market accelerators provide the “unfair competitive advantage” to system solution providers because they offer near native performance for their deployed applets yet minimize their size and complexity by providing the needed functionality built-into the JavaOS itself.

The silicon provider’s crypto library implementation for its DES, RSA, AES and ECC operations include the built-in countermeasures and protection profile(s) for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL5+ certifications.


Javelin EMV

Javacard/GlobalPlatform optimized for hosting EMV payment applets.
i.e. VSDC, Mchip, D-PAS and AmEx

Javelin Gov-ID

JavaCard/GlobalPlatform capable of hosting ICAO ePassport, PKI,
Electronic Signature, eDL and similar applets.   Certifiable for CC EAL5+.

Javelin eSIM

JavaCard/GlobalPlatform designed with eUICC stack suitable for eSE applications.  Available for licensing in Q4, 2017.

Gladius gov-ID

Native COS with integrated applets suite: ICAO ePassport, PKI, eDL and Resident Permit native Government ID applets.  Certifiable for CC EAL5+.



Javelin SmartNode

JavaCard/GlobalPlatform designed for non-smartcard form factors suitable for connected, Java-programmable secure IoT nodes.
Offers sensor interfacing, multi-protocol support, general purpose and device analytics all Java programmable.